At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 11, 2005

today is "saraswati pooja", a lovely concept in prayer; an expression of gratitude for all the wisdom and knowledge that flows into our lives from myriad sources.mebbe one should add "blogging" to the endless list of media and sources that fulfil the dream of the rigveda; "Let noble thoughts come to us from every side".The universe, the original multi-media classroom...fascinating, awesome,inspiring, disciplining, self-regulatory and so much more...we are all learners and teachers at the same time as a certain Mr Bach had expressed...
Let this day be a dedication to the spirit of "learning"....
some learnings I have had on "learning" itself"
  • never pre-judge, pre-suppose.
  • be aware of the contexts and the assumptions.
  • every speck in creation is a potential teacher.
  • our perceptions and mental formations can inhibit genuine learning.
  • learning is an attitude in humbleness.
  • teachers persist in our lives until we learn what we have chosen to learn.Hence , we observe repetitive patterns recurring time and again.
  • unlearning is a critical part of learning.
  • the process of learning is joyful, a voyage in discovery ; not self-condemnatory or guilt-provoking.
  • .................and so much more.....

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