At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 17, 2005


we all have different needs in our lives.Even with similar needs, perspectives and strategies of achieving them can be very different.
Everything is but a concept.....and we tune in to different concepts as per our inclinations and mental filters.
A peek into creation reveals that even paradoxically contradictory concepts can co-exist; infact they necessarily do.
The key is in our actualizing and manifesting abilities, irrespective of the concepts we are trying to implement for ourselves.
I have regularly encountered much less skilled persons in the context of my profession achieving much more. While skill is a definite parameter in achievement paradigms, there are a lot of other parameters too.
We create our worlds, our universes through our thoughts. But, in conditioned states of being, our lives are architectured unconsciously by thoughts that flow through us from myriad sources.We have no control over them in our colloquial lives.Thus, we may on the surface go all out to achieve something, putting in our very best, but success may elude us.We normally ascribe it to a lot of external factors. While they have a contributing role, even the external factors are more often than not architectured by thoughts arising from conscious/unconscious domains. If we observe carefully, all of us have patterns operating in our lives.Success is an easy pattern for some while it is a struggle for others, for yet others it is elusive, inspite of the best efforts.
For us, the current levels and scope of our awareness limit our abilities to see such an emergence from blueprints.
Spirituality is not in contents, it is in increasing our abilities to see ourselves.It is in breaking through layers and layers of conditioned positionalities until we are able to see things just as they are.During the process, getting increasingly aware of patterns that govern our lives is critical.
It is immaterial what concept of spirituality one identifies with....or does not...
our fundamental need is to address the roadblocks in our lives which prevent our desired manifests.Spirituality is a dissolution of conflicts and an actualization of our conceptualizations in the context of our lives. Concepts don't control us. We see them as concepts and consciously implement the same in our lives. We usde the mind rather than allow the mind to use us as is the case colloquially.The mind is nothing but a dynamic aggregate of thoughts.

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