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October 21, 2005


i see the word "meditation" being used quite often by people. for me, it has been the subject of much explore, as I could never observe a consistency in associations with its usage.
liberation has been a fundamental projected goal for mankind from time immemorial.various addressals of this have enabled the creation of various strategies and techniques of usage.
Please note that the context of my explores is strictly personal ; it has helped me.
essentially, liberation needs a "going beyond" the contents of the mind, as the contents of the mind are the source of our mental formations and perceptions , which serve to bind us with various acquired positionalities.
merely re-arranging the contents of the mind and re-orienting our perceptions are "management" of the contents; which is helpful, albeit temporarily.It is shift from one concept to another, without always being accompanied by the awareness that both are essentially concepts.
I have seen the word meditation being used to describe "dhyana" - which is essentially "concentration"; "dharana" , which is internalization; "samadhi" , which is essentially our drowning into universal consciousness through a specific one pointed activity, accompanied by concentration and grace. To me, all these are beautiful, but they are lead-ons to a state of meditation.
For me, meditation is a "happenening" , a state where the "witness consciousness" is awakened and flows across events comfortably.It is a situation where the "positionality" of the mind is shaken and it becomes fluid.It does not mean that we dont retain our "perceptions, it merely means that we are able to see them as "our" perceptions.We accept other points of view comfortably in such a situation, without being overly resistive or trying to bring around the other to our way of thinking.No energies are dissipated in "conflicts" of "right" and "wrong".Every part of the link in consciousness is critical.

To me , to "relate" is essentially a total and unconditional acceptance of the other.

very often, i have seen that in our efforts at "meditation", we often strengthen unconsciously the very objects we seek liberation from.

The perspective of this post is not to be critical or judgemental of any processes one may be tuning in with.I have traversed through various techniques and processes in the quest of discovering something that would "work" for me.

The sharing is in that context. We have to see what works for us, if we are in an explorative process.We have to "experience" desirable results for us.

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