At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 21, 2005

associations- our own creation...

words and labels have their own automatic imaging system within us.we associate a lot of things depending on our mindsets with words and labels. thus there are ngo kinds....., the yoga kinds....the spiritual kinds....the wild kinds..... so on and so forth. Our minds conjure up the vision of a person , born out of our "labelling" of him/her.We also "label" ourselves and try to fit in.
We are shocked when people's behaviour does not fit into "our image" of them.
but then , observation shows us that each of us is unique.There are as many permutations and combinations of personalities as the number of people who exhibit those. No 2 humans are alike in creation. Broad patterns may exist, but there is a discernible uniqueness.
somewhere in pre-judging and labeling, we miss out on savouring and enjoying each person we encounter in life.
also, we tend to focus on a couple of attributes of the person.
wo/man's life is like a piece of tapestry; interwoven, it creates a remove one strand in isolation and judge it more often than not is skewed.

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