At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 17, 2005

freedom....fact or fiction...

are we really free within? a freedom that flows through circumstances and events with ease...
when there are blankets of mental formations and perceptions enveloping and suffocating us, can we really be "free". we operate in the context of our conditionings and perceptions. we automatically and mechanically judge, the moment we encounter an event. judging is always "contextual" to positionalities as dictated by our mental formations and conditionings.
genuine freedom is an inner state of being independent of is a state of acceptance of events as they manifest in our lives, a path of least resistance.It is not a passive acceptance as in "resignation" . It is an acceptance in awareness which stimulates "response" as different from "reaction". ironically, in direct contrast to popularly held beliefs, I have found that true freedom is an absence of choice. It is just a natural and spontaneous state of flow.

It is not devoid of responsibility; rather responsibility in integrity is the hallmark of freedom; it is not an enforcement or a conceptual adherence.Thus , one does not "try" to love or "fight" one's fear. One "sees" it and accepts it without condemantion or guilt. One does not resist its presence. Great energy is released in "acceptance".

Awareness, from such platforms, also witnesses the commentaries of the mind as we watch events. the witness consciousness watches over our habitual "judging", reminding us that it is contextual.

As the "witness consciousness" grows, we experience larger spaces of freedom within us.

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