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October 13, 2005

enlightenment - word associations

we have a tendency to distance ourselves from the perfectly ordinary and natural by making it exotic and exclusive. History is replete with examples of the "brahminisation" of life and allied aspects.
i have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary beings in my life, spome of them spiritual leaders, others just drawn from ordinary everyday walks of life.One quality which has attracted them to me is an extraordinary ordinariness in all that they talk about and do. Simplicity in expression. Every small act is colored with these..a total acceptance, a benign compassion, a great ability to listen non-judgementally.....
they can be in industry, they can be in glamour, they can be in spiritual organizations..does not really matter....the light shines through in their integrity and ordinariness.They merge with life...wherever they are....harmonize and blend....
Once a shoe fits you, you are not conscious of is not a special attention just also with a waist belt.....
the word "enlightenment" may be an esoteric concept to many, but is it not a wall one has to break. It is in ordinary living and life expresses that it has to manifest, not merely for a chosen few. Our perception of enlightenment as an exotic and exclusive realm of being can distance us from it. Each one of us is a part of the whole, the wave is never different from the ocean.Breaking through the illusion of separatedness is the key.

Rather than being a destination, i see enlightenment as a continually and eternally evolving process.

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evolving_everyday said...

enlightenment is a process reminds me of a story. akbar once was surveying his kingdom in disguise. he found a man sifting through the dirt and dust. the next day he found the same man again at the same place; sifting through the dirt and dust. after watching the same scene over many days he asked the man, what he was doing. the man replied i am looking for gold granules. ‘did you find any?’ asked akbar. ‘not yet’ he replied.

akbar felt pity on the man so the next day he nonchantly dropped his gold amulet at the place and proceeded on.
the next day he was surprised to see the same man again at the same place; sifting through the dirt and dust.

puzzled he asked, ‘didn’t you find something precious here yesterday?’
‘yes, i found an expensive ruby studded gold amulet yesterday’ , the man replied
‘that amulet is enough to feed you through three lifetimes.’ akbar said.
‘yes i know’, replied the man ‘but that does not mean i should stop working’