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October 07, 2005

personal debugging....

Understanding a problem is more often than not the key to its solution. It has been my observance that more people end up barking up the wrong tree when it comes to resolving and addressing acute personal issues.There is a discernible failure of intelligence in the process, even if the people in question are high achievers in their chosen fields of endeavour. And when we seek solutions at the wrong place, the problems remain unsolved.
when we do a software debug, we do a lateral as well as backstep analysis involving user levels codes, assembly codes, machine codes , hardware configurations and so on.As we take the backward steps to address issues, there is a full stop when it comes to Silicon and Germanium as switching devices.They have certain attributes which are a given, kinda sacred which can only be used/manipulated to suit our conveniences. The basic attributes are sacrosant.
I wonder why we dont use the same mechanisms to life...look inward and see the basic stimuli and catalysts to event manifests in our lives. We focus only outward....and look at reasons why certain things happened or did not happen...
My personal explores in inner realms have led me to the conclusion that our outer universe manifests are reflections of our inner worlds.And setting right of issues inside play a critical role in healings outside.
A couple of women were chatting by the window pane.One of them, the owner of the house was remarking on a lady drying clothes on the lawn of a neighbouring house. She was mentioning that the clothes seemed still so soiled and dirty and was quite critical of the same.It was then that her friend reminded her that the dust was on her window pane and not in the clothes.
So it is with life..we seek to change the world when all change is essential within ourselves.

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