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October 09, 2005

love and joy

Love and Joy cannot be experienced in the realms of the mind.The mind and its' contents are "incapable" of love and joy. Liberation from the mind is enlightenment.
Love and joy are projected ideals for most of us. We "try" to "love" when we are intrinsically incapable of the same.It is quite horrific. It is a concept of love we are trying to fit in. Just recognising our incapacities and helplenessness in our current states of being is enough to liberate us. However, we tend to act unnaturally and mask ourselves. Integrity of self-recognition without condemnation or guilt is the key to liberation. We need the other's need of us. To us that is love; being indispensable for the other. To feel secure , we fall into a trap of keeping up our utility value in the other's life. We want to feel "needed".
Else, we feel "threatened" in relationships.
Love and Joy are intrinsic qualities of realms beyond the mind. They just flow like a river, flooding all in their wake.One does not have to "try". One just "is".
- inspirations from Sri Bhagavan

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