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October 17, 2005

The nature of fear...

Fear , a significant motivator for most or all of our actions today. Insecurity, a trigger and a catalyst for so much of what is happening in our universes. Deep down, we pursue an education/career out of fear, we relate out of fear,so on and so forth.Everything is a reinforcement of the self.Somewhere we reinforce the very cause of fear in our efforts to tackle it because of a fundamental skew in perception.
Do events cause the fear or they mere media for enabling the surfacing of fear that already exists within our consciousness. Do events cause fear or is it rather our intrinsic fear which manifests the events in our lives. Amongst various karmic laws I have observed, what we fear, manifests.Deep rooted fears create a series of events in our lives, almost an entire pattern of manifests.
Fear, to me, is an attribute of the ancient as man itself.The self has an illusionary existence and feeds on fear for its sustenance. The manifests of this fear can be manifold and multi-expressive.
A direct manifest of fear is anger and resentment.
Fear is the key to a million conflicts within us. If we explore and understand the real nature and roots of fear, the releases are immense, the possibilities unlimited. We operate in the realms of a projected ideal that fear is undesirable and needs to be eliminated. By that very thought, we re-inforce the energy of fear within us.When we are able to see it as it is and accept its presence non-judgementally and in the absence of condemnation, we switch on a process of fundamental change.
Fear is an underlying, omnipresent root motivator within us. When we feel breakthroughs in specific activities, we have merely rearranged the location of fear. The fear still manifests but in a different sphere . Thus , the fear of loneliness manifests a desire to relate; when one manages to relate, the fear of losing it all takes over...The fundamental fear remains, only the manifest has changed.Fear is an intrinsic attribute of the "self" and cannot be viewed in isolation.
Somewhere, intelligence demands a move away from a mere management of fear to an elimination of it as a basic motivator, as management is very limited in its scope of deliverables.
Release is different from management.
That necessitates an integral explore....a dynamic understanding of the very nature and emergence of fear.
And then, the locks snap open......

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