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October 24, 2005

tag notes...

have been tagged by nyneisha( a very creative expressor in words, visuals etc) here goes...

seven or more things I want to do:

  • get a new computer asap..lost mine during the 26/7 deluge in Mumbai.
  • finish a celebrity house build event successfully in an event consultant and helping reconstruct about 1000 houses for the flood affected at Mahad through innovative event concepts for an NGO.
  • create a win win feedline for the BPO sector in India through the setting up of a creative customer service training centre for the differently abled......the networking and allied works are underway.
  • manifest more wealth energy for myself....resource crunches can be very limiting.
  • sustain and build on existing friends...enrich myself with more friendships.
  • spend more quality time with my mom.
  • change the paradigm of events and celebrity one of the pioneers in that space in India and do not feel very fulfilled creatively and professionally...
  • identify and work with a venture fundee/s who tunes in to my perspectives...ideas are many but to give them legs is a dream.....
  • improve fitness levels

Some things i wanna weed out...

  • procrastination
  • unconscious mechanizations of my activity sphere.
  • indifference to wealth energy creation.
  • dead wood legacies in consciousness.
  • dwelling too long in non-starters and failures.
  • tendencies to defend my life perspectives....
  • improper or adhoc personal prioritizations.

Words I use frequently:

  • integrity
  • authenticity
  • unconditional
  • wow
  • perspective
  • amma
  • personal space
  • personal choice
  • seeing

fellow bloggers i wish to tag( dont know most of u personally; just as fellow bloggers); seems a fun exercise; a request to join in, not a command....

  • gaizabonts - atul
  • leave it unsaid - arundhati
  • evolving everyday - sophie
  • let the cut begin - poonam
  • visual essays - sushma
  • polioman - poonam arundhati combo
  • step down - anuva shared space as fellow humans, take care..have a gr8 festive season....

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