At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 23, 2005

human abuse

Human abuse stories abound across the globe.While we would like to believe that education and development minimise such situations, observations do not vindicate the point.
I have see a writer on child abuse himself be a perpetuator within the confines of his home; I have seen highly travelled and qualified technocrats being very petty, parochial and downright abusive in their domestic contexts.Abuse in interpersonal spaces is not as rare as we would imagine it to be.Horror stories of mental and physical abuse abound.
Lip service to concepts of liberation and human freedom comfortably co-exist with ongoing perpetuations.
Personally , I see such insensitivity and violence stemming from a chronic "unhappiness". We can only spread what we have. And most of us are carrying legacies of frustration, depressive tendencies, resentment, indifference and other such qualities which hardly can be termed joyous.
Each one of us owe it to ourselves and to societies we are part of to discover domains of spontaneous love and joy within us.The rose can only spread its fragrance.If the fragrance itself has got contaminated, no amount of external spraying of fragrances can substitute the original, natural fragrance.
While we may conceptually identify with certain "concepts" of caring and compassion, we often become what we hate.It unconsciously creeps in to the best of us.Each one of us needs to remain guarded against such a possibility.

Degrees and doctorates are immaterial , so also location. Conflicts within manifest in the external.Some societies are better equipped in the external space to "manage" these outbreaks, but to me, while they are critical, a mere symptomatic addressal may never be enough.

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