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October 13, 2005


I have received an email enquiring about the relation between sex and spirituality.
Personally, I see spirituality being in an attitude, not in the presence or absence of any pre-defined activity. Love making can be an aesthetic and creative artform in human interface, sensitive and sensual.In such a context , it can be a liberating and enriching experience, unconditional in its perspective. In a state of heightened awareness, all activity is liberating.
However, lust , a desire to possess and where the mind gets fixated can be crippling and inhibitive.It is infact miserable. Lust also forms a part of a vicious cycle with guilt and boredom - intergenerating each other and draining wo/man of energy.
and have we not heard of humiliating rape within the institution of marriage. To me , morality as it exists today is a dead social dynamic, a matter of habit rather than a emergence from a dynamic spirituality.
To me, any act be heightened through awareness , be it sensual erotica, fantasy paradigms , chat interfaces etc...the activity , by itself is not good or bad. It is an attitude one brings into it that matters.Sensitivity in interpersonal interfaces is the key.The rest are a matter of mutual choice.Space shares are contextual to the choices of the participants. Sacredness is a parameter of awareness they bring in.

Life can be an expression in sensitive aesthetics and creativity or a dead, boring duty bound enterprise in any activity one choses to pursue. The key factor is the discovery of joy and love which enable an aesthetic and creative perception to life and flood everyone and everything in its' wake.

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