At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 10, 2005

Choosing to "live" over merely existing is a dangerous decision. One earns the right to live after lots of trials and tribulations.One runs the risk of being misunderstood,feeling isolated,being labelled as being insensitive , so on and so forth. Those who have experienced life, if even for a few fleeting moments can never just exist...Return on invests is proportional to one's ability to take risks away from security aspects. Every artiste who dares to exhibit takes the risk of encountering rejection, every musician who steps onto the stage faces the same ; ships maybe safer in the harbour but are not meant to be there. A person who dares to share his/her feelings stands the risk of his/her emotions being trampled insensitively.
Examples abound of people who have dared and been ridiculed; the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Abe Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi...the list is endless....
But to me, the choice to "live" is well worth every risk. The stench of death and decay on the other side is too pungent for comfort.

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Arundhati said...

Lovely post! Yes it takes daring to "live" indeed!


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