At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

May 04, 2011

Awakening and God Realization

"God Realization and Awakening are very different. When you are awakened it can be described in a crude way as you were on drugs or drunk, you are in an altered state of consciousness but there are no hangover, no side effect. You have a different perspective on life.

"In God Realization you and the Divine are One. Everything happens to you, you see only God in that. You see It in Everyone and all situations. No matter what happens to you, you are seeing God in that. You can ask for anything in this state, it is given.

"So I suggest you go for God Realization, then it is very easy for your God to give Awakening to you. Awakening is much harder to get, go for God Realization. In Oneness we give both, we are aiming to give you both." ~ Sri Bhagavan

witness consciousness

"When you come out of prison you will see your mind is there intact. All your knowledge is intact, but you’re out of it. It’ll be working automatically and it will beautifully run your life. The problem is when you get involved. When you merely become a witness consciousness the mind is automatically functioning."- Sri Bhagavan

May 02, 2011

paradoxes r superficial

The fusion of high gyaana with intense bhakti is an oft observed spiritual phenomena. Ramana's passionate bhajans are legendary. A thriving bhakti movement across the world exists with Nisargadatta. Paradoxes rest at comfortable peace with each other at higher levels of consciousness.Conflict dissolves and what is remains.


Asato ma Satgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
Mrityorma Amritamgamaya...

from untruth, lead me to truth,
Form darkness to light
and from death to immortality.......

- ancient Indian prayer


when we encounter discomfort on our spiritual journeys, each discomfort is a wake-up call, an attention caller to an evolutionary opportunity...if we skirt the discomfort , we also move away from the opportunity of receiving a great gift it represents.

May 01, 2011

mind @ work

d mind is in the past or in d future; never in d awareness, one is in d present in d presence.

November 08, 2009

perception makes all the difference....

Everything happens FOR YOU, not TO YOU.

- Tony Robbins

October 19, 2009

Bhagavan in our lives...

The loftiness of the Oneness processes and teachings and the dynamic presence of Grace in our lives re-inforces itself time and again through the events we come across.I was privileged to witness such an event in the lives of our oneness family members yesterday.The Kulkarnis - Ravindra and Swati and their children , Gauri and Pooja are staunch volunteers of the Oneness Mission and stay at Thane, a sister city of Bombay.They have done their advanced processes and follow up on the teachings and the processes with deep commitment.Yesterday, their 14th floor apartment was ravaged by a huge fire which has left them without any personal belongings.They have suffered losses worth INR12-15 lakh and 6 firemen died in the accident.All the major news channels in India continuously carried this story yesterday.But the event was a spiritual miracle, a living example of putting Bhagavan's wondrous teachings into real time play in our lives.I was there with them since 4.00 a.m. yesterday morning and it was a day of experiencing pain as it is and transcending it into realms of love, compassion and joy.And prayers that none of the neighbors or anyone else should get injured or hurt. Unfortunately, 6 firemen lost their lives and we have offered our prayers last evening for their onward journeys.Bhagavan has taught us that the nature of all experience is bliss; it does not depend on the content of experience.You only have to see this family to see this principle at work.A true miracle in the midst of a great challenge.While we know that Sri Amma Bhagavan was there every moment guiding and saving the family, we believe that BHagavan in His inimitable style visited the home and physically gave His blessings to the family. After the fire was doused, I accompanied the family members to the 14th floor.We had to climb up cautiously as the water from the fire tenders was flowing down the stairs. Needless to add, we could not take the elevator.As we were inspecting the debris, an extremely old man ( one wonders how he climbed the 14 flight of stairs) came and blessed Swatiji. He took a srimurti from his pocket and offered it to Swatiji. Swatiji was left speechless and showed her own personal pocket srimurti which she always carries on her person.The man disappeared as suddenly as he arrived.For all of us, It was Bhagavan who had personally visited there.We had gratitude prayers and deekshas at night at my place and to quote the younger daughter Pooja, "We are having to pretend we are in pain in front of our relatives as they will feel it is abnormal for us to be so much at peace with ourselves."They have a life to rebuild, but with such presence of Grace, it is going to be a cakewalk.Glory be to this awesome presence in our lives..Glory be to the Grace that architectures our lives.In deep gratitude to the process of all of us becoming spiritual phenomena, moving spaceships of Grace....

October 17, 2009

into the mouth of the dragon...

Growth is often difficult. It's because we have to face our current fears and perceptions and look them square in the face. More than that...sometimes we have to really go deeply into them to "see" our mental entanglements. That's what some traditions call "going into the mouth of the dragon."

Let your upsets guide you to the dragon's lair. Your upsets are caused by your perceptions. If you're upset...even if you're upset about being are at the dragon's gate. Go farther inside to see all of your mind's judgments and conclusions and fears. Ask yourself...

What am I afraid of
What do I believe about this
Who or what am I blaming

Remember, you don't need to change your thoughts and perceptions...simply look at them. See them. This in itself will cause them to dissolve.

Then...keep going in. Often, we have perceptions built on top of perceptions and they weave a complex knot of mental activity. We can't always see the entire "knot" at once. Keep looking. Keep following your charges and upsets. Each time you see more of it, another part will dissolve and you will be liberated from it.

And the dragon will become your friend and ally.

- Living in Oneness Network

October 16, 2009