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October 17, 2009

into the mouth of the dragon...

Growth is often difficult. It's because we have to face our current fears and perceptions and look them square in the face. More than that...sometimes we have to really go deeply into them to "see" our mental entanglements. That's what some traditions call "going into the mouth of the dragon."

Let your upsets guide you to the dragon's lair. Your upsets are caused by your perceptions. If you're upset...even if you're upset about being are at the dragon's gate. Go farther inside to see all of your mind's judgments and conclusions and fears. Ask yourself...

What am I afraid of
What do I believe about this
Who or what am I blaming

Remember, you don't need to change your thoughts and perceptions...simply look at them. See them. This in itself will cause them to dissolve.

Then...keep going in. Often, we have perceptions built on top of perceptions and they weave a complex knot of mental activity. We can't always see the entire "knot" at once. Keep looking. Keep following your charges and upsets. Each time you see more of it, another part will dissolve and you will be liberated from it.

And the dragon will become your friend and ally.

- Living in Oneness Network

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