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May 04, 2011

Awakening and God Realization

"God Realization and Awakening are very different. When you are awakened it can be described in a crude way as you were on drugs or drunk, you are in an altered state of consciousness but there are no hangover, no side effect. You have a different perspective on life.

"In God Realization you and the Divine are One. Everything happens to you, you see only God in that. You see It in Everyone and all situations. No matter what happens to you, you are seeing God in that. You can ask for anything in this state, it is given.

"So I suggest you go for God Realization, then it is very easy for your God to give Awakening to you. Awakening is much harder to get, go for God Realization. In Oneness we give both, we are aiming to give you both." ~ Sri Bhagavan

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