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October 06, 2005

thoughts-the creator

thoughts viz. the energy of thoughts create events in our lives...and thoughts emerge from the bank of mental conditionings and perceptions, both individual and collective acquisitions. If events unsuitable to our desires are arising consistently, it is imperative to become aware of thought patterns which manifest it.The moment we are aware, the crippling patterns are released and we begin manifesting a success pattern. While immediate causes may be there, the root causes are critical for healing oneself of chronic patterns.When we encounter failures in our endeavours, we normally manage our disappointment through a blame game. We find reasons to justify the event.While not condemening the act, it is imperative to note that this does not enable our movement forward. As an event/artistes enabler, it has been my privilege to watch successes as well as failures. Neither of them necessarily have been solely a comment on skill or talent levels.But attitude has made a lot of difference.Some people are able to conserve higher energies by being more forgiving, less judgemental and less resentful.Huge pockets of creative energies are released thus. On the other hand, I have seen greatly talented people fail on account of their acute positionalities on various issues and aspects of life, a tendency to judge incessantly and dissipate a lot of energies through general cribbing. These have a direct impact on creative flows. While we may label different kinds of energies, energy is fundamentally one.Low self esteem as well as arrogance in our abilities is also a critical energy pattern for a lackof manifests.Humbleness and gratitude, emerging in a recognition of the spiritual process of creating is an absolute essentiality for manifests, as is perceiving oneself as part of the larger collective process.
When I talk of success here, I imply the genius level oF ACHIEVEMENT.

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