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October 20, 2005

fear is the key........

all of us experience fear at various moments in our lives....we develop our own "management" mechanisms to handle these.To me , most of these qualify as "escape" mechanisms, giving us temporary mitigation....fears resurface, albeit in a different context. When we handle our "fear" in a context, we dont release ourselves of fear, we release ourselves of the context as a medium of fear. The fear remains, re-manifesting itself in other domains.
This observation made me analyse "fear" itself rather than the events through which it manifests.
if we observe the "feeling" of fear as a stand-alone, we cannot associate it with any particular cause.The nature of the feeling is the same, be it emerging from any source. seemingly.
given this fact, the inference is that the "events" by themselves are not the "source" of fear.
Fear manifests "through" them, not "from" them.
fear is an underlying presence in our consciousness.
also, in related explores, i found that "fear" creates the events rather than the other way round, as we colloquially tend to perceive.
Given such a fact, I was barking up the wrong tree when it came to adddressing my fear.I was looking at the "events" when I had to look at consciousness and its tunings in me.And when i started looking there , with my discoveries on the process of "seeing/experiencing"( elsewhere in this blog), I was able to make breakthroughs.
instead of running away from events which enable various surfacing such as fears, I now accept them as critical teachers who are there to help me. I do not resent them.In resenting, condemning or running away from them, I was missing my learning.When i stayed with the actual "suffering" in fear, i was part of creation's grand design which manifests at the "moment".
Normally, when one focusses on the immediate cause of the fear, one moves "backward" in time....when one projects a solution to "manage" the fear, one moves "forward". In either case, we miss the moment and the learning associated with it.

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