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October 19, 2005

The 4th Dimension.....

when we address events or issues , either at micro or at macro levels, I have observed levels of addressal....
At the first level,the physical dimension of manifests, it is a kind of welfare perspective, the bandages and the tincture, a very critical need , an immediate addressal.
At the 2nd level,the psychological level, a certain critical mass in humanity addresses the issue.
From welfare , it acquires a developmental hue.
As an eg, I recollect my work with the NGO, CRY- Child Relief and You.
At a certain moment, it was realised that the issue of deprivation for the child needed to become a social issue with large scale mass participation. When enough people think alike , it creates a critical mass of energy for large scale addressals.
The 3rd Dimension , the moral dimension, guides the 2nd.It decides that such a happening is unacceptable and needs to be addressed.
In my personal life explores, I found this 3rd dimension being orphaned.
Morality, i perceived was dictated by dead habit emerging either out of religious beliefs or some similar motivator.The addressal was very philanthropic in content and approach, hopelessly out of tune, with the reality of the current times.
Juxtapose this against a dynamic spirituality, which is the 4th dimension. An awakening of this dimension has repurcussions on the other dimensions spontaneously.It is not a matter of enforced adherence or conceptual beliefs.It emerges out of self actualization and realization.
The criticality of this dimension in addressing issues at the micro or the macro level has been a crucial personal discovery for me. Its ability to manifest is much higher.
Addressal of symptoms is very limited in its scope of understanding and addressal of root issues at micro levels is the need of the hour.
A lot of us are disillusioned with the state of affairs in the world. We crib about the need to deal with violence, bring in peace, create a world of more equitable opportunity etc.
The critical addressal of these issues is within each of us.The conflicts we carry at individual levels magnify as a collective into the global conflict. The macro situation does not emerge in isolation. Its seeds are in the micro collective.
Each one of us is contributing to the violence in the world through the conflicts/violence within us.
And each one us owe it to ourselves to discover love and joy....within ourselves. The change outside would naturally follow. No amount of political redressals of issues can bear fruit until energized by an awakened 4th dimension.
If one is happy, one spreads happiness, if one is unhappy one spreads unhappiness..Unhappiness is an epidemic in today's society - frustrations, depressions,resentments etc..
How then do we create a joyous and happy society, which is extremeley creative.....?.Only through micro-level changes....
The 4th dimension is diverse in its manifests. It is authenticated by experience and is a personal truth which brings in the conviction naturally, not in an enforced manner.


sinusoidally said...

So are you working on it?

Sundar said...

yes..trying to....has been a natural drift in that direction for me...when symptomatic addressals did not work after a point, started exploring steps, backward in an explore of the root...