At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

October 14, 2005


indian spirituality speaks of the 4 purusharthas as being artha , kama , dharma, moksha. The beautiful thing about this is its all encompassing/inclusive nature. All our actions fit in somewhere. also the linkages of each with moksha.....the goal as defined by the ancestors of our civilization. When we see every event, every act in our life linked , so to say, to this "purpose", all activities take a new hue. Success and failure dont overwhelm us, we see them as teachers we encounter on the way. We identify with the larger canvas, the larger scheme of things, while not losing focus on immediate objectives.
Events serve as goal-posts along the way as we keep moving.One of the greatest cripplers in our lives is our inability to move on.Our mind gets fixated, we feel stagnated.Rather than dwell on the events which cause our immobility, we should "see" our "immobility" itself. It is like a technical fault which needs resetting through the "awareness" switch.
Too much analysis leads to paralysis.

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