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March 15, 2008

inner dialogues - situation creators

Rakesh was in deep anguish as he spoke to me."I want to be nice to my mom, but the moment I see her , i don't know what happens; I talk rudely to her. It is as if I am not in control in spite of my best intents."
Our everyday events will mirror the above statement if we observe it carefully.So many things we would like to do, or so many ways we would like to behave; but something else manifests. More often than not, the exact opposite.A friend of mine had a relationship issue with his sister. He used to tell me that he talks nicely to her, behaves correctly etc; yet nothing happens. Their relationship seems to only worsen.
What is exactly going wrong?
The conscious mind does the speaking while life is controlled by the unconscious. The unconscious is 2 million times faster than the conscious and more powerful.In the words of my master, battling the unconscious with our intent is like fighting a tidal wave with a water pistol.
Rakesh wanted to be nice to his mom, but just could not.His unconscious was determining it, controlling him.
Can we fight it? Nay.
We can be aware of it. Awareness is like a lighted candle entering a dark room.Darkness does not need to be removed. It just goes away.
Awareness, a function of our consciousness level enables a de-clutching from the unconscious.Rakesh needs to be aware of his inner dialogue as he meets his mom. Then a miracle occurs.
Awareness is freedom.
- inspirations from Sri Bhagavan

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