At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

March 14, 2008

arrogance - a sign of insecurity

Confidence is calm and poised; insecurity masks itself with arrogance.Conviction and confidence states it's case; that is it. it is not about proving one's point; it is about making things work.One of the key ego games people function from is " I am always right". They need people around them at their professional workplaces or in their personal lives to re-iterate their own point of view.Entrepreneurs even employ people to fulfil this need for self-ratification.On professional levels nothing can be more detrimental to an organization, for it limits the creative expression of the organization to just one source - the dominator.Such an organization fails to draw on the creative and intellectual resource of it's team. Professionals are employed in such organizations not for their skills or talent but rather to augment the status of the organization.
Such organization heads are condemned to a life of mediocrity , personally and professionally for they cannot think beyond their narrow "selfs".They chose and lead limiting lives. They are always suspicious, mistrustful and superficial, for it is their insecurities and a fear of excellence that is the guiding force of their lives.They constantly seek recognition and a re-inforcement of their beliefs for it is absent intrinsically. Attestation is sought from outside and respect is demanded when it cannot be commanded.
Sounds familiar?......arrogant people make their presence felt in the way they walk, in the way they talk - to me it is a sure sign of a weak and insecure person from within- a person who needs to be helped.

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