At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

March 21, 2008

content is not important...

In our worlds, content is the be-all of an event or a situation.We focus on the right or wrong, we focus on proving our point.We want to be proved correct and the other proved wrong.
This happens especially in our closest relationships.
It damages relationships no end.
And life is relationships.
can we express our points of view without the positionality? can we comfortably agree to disagree when our concepts do not match?
And still feel the surge of love for the other?
For that, people have to relate, not concepts and images as the case today is.
Today , we do not connect or relate.
We relate only to a concept of the other within ourselves.
And when reality hits us, it is this concept which breaks and we moan the death of a relationship.Actually, there has never been a relationship.
It has just been a transactional space between 2 concepts - a need based arrangement in mind space.
Relationships are a phenomenon beyond mind spaces.It is about people meeting, not personalities or ideas.
Seeing this is important; content does not matter. Everybody has his own concept.We have to learn to relate beyond our confining concepts.

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