At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 26, 2008

Rising in love...

As you rise in love, you start relating to the Divine (Source). As you fall in love, you move away from the Divine.The more your love, the stronger is your relationship with the Divine.
- Sri Bhagavan
A beautiful fact of life from the Master. Colloquial expressions of love hasten our fall as they are connected to the lower consciousness aspects.We get consumed and lose our touch with the sacredness of all life. As we get tuned in to the higher consciousness, the unconditional expression of love permeates our being and in this state, we are like a river in flow , a tree in bloom. Love is our very nature and floods across all our actions as we go through our lives. Love is a state of being, not a person or activity specific episode of our lives.
Our very connectedness with people, things and events around us, our entire universe , is dependant on this evolution in us.
To discover love, we need to be aware of the conditionality of our lifestyles and lack of love in our lives. Awareness of the lack of love in our lives automatically leads to the discovery of love.

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