At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 27, 2008


All of us feel a need to get out of misery , boredom etc that suffocates us time and again.
We try to change the activities, the people and various other external props to escape the boredom.After a while , it is the same story. The new activity or person becomes boring.
In a path-breaking insight, Sri Bhagavan says that joy and love are in the process of experiencing, independent of the content in question.
Whatever be the event, if we are able to complete our cycle of experience , the result is joy, love and bliss. Normally , our mind filters prevent us from experiencing events and things as they are. Judgements and commentaries come in. As we watch the event, it is imperative we watch the accompanying commentary, be it labelling or judgement.
And even as we watch, we are freed of the mind clutches.
The result is our ability to see and experience things as they are, not through the prism of our perceptions.
And this seeing is joy, bliss, love; call it what you may.

The very nature of experience is bliss.

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