At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 23, 2008

integrity aspects...

Rajesh was busy studying for his exams. His mother wanted him to run down to the local shop which was in the next building for some grocery purchase. Rajesh created a huge scene as to how his folks were disturbing him while he wanted to study.
His mom felt hurt and went by herself to the shop.
Rajesh's hand phone rings. It is his college friend , Shruti.
The conversation carries on for about 30 minutes.
Rajesh is unable to see now that his concentration flow was getting affected.
Such reactions happen from our inner conditionings and controlled behaviour patterns from our unconscious.
The doorbell rings. It is 8 pm and the family is sitting down to watch its favorite TV show.Unexpected guests have arrived and they indicate they would like to join in for dinner.Outwardly they are warmly welcomed. Inside, the dialogue is different.It is irritated, resentful of the intrusion. This is our reality of the moment. Just watch it.
John sees himself as a clean and moral person. He cannot accept the fact that the new receptionist in his office is triggering lustful thoughts in him. He tries to deny that he can have such thoughts...the thoughts only seem to increase with his denial.
Inner integrity is our ability to see such everyday realities.........and accept it..not deny seeing the actual people we are. It is acceptance which will enable a de-clutch not a suppression or a denial. Resistance will only strengthen the uncomfortable thoughts.
When we see things as they are , we are freed of their control.

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