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June 15, 2008

Dear Dad,

Dear Appa,
We did not have Father's day during the time we spent together.It seems so long since you are gone.Remember, I was 14, you were 47 , mom was 37. I cannot forget that Saturday. I had just entered college after having topped my school division. You had hosted a party for all my friends.
And then your sudden exit from our lives. We were left shocked and gaping for surviving our next day.
Dad, we were so caught up in our struggle, that we never ever expressed our gratitude for all that you did for us. Thank You seems such a small word.
I am releasing this gratitude in the collective consciousness in the hope that I reach out to you.
I need your blessings and guidance every second of my life....and a capacity to get mom out of impacts of a series of shattering episodes in her life.
Pada Pranams to you...I hope you are happy with the way I have shaped up....


Ganeshkumar :) said...

A very touching article Sundarji ..your Dad will surely be a PROUD one and feel good from wherever he is :)

Sundar said...

tx gk