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June 20, 2008

developmental approaches...

The inner and outer worlds demand entirely different approaches when it comes to addressal of various issues.
The outer world aspects demand you to project your needs as a part of the process of their actualization.You need to achieve something, it is important you have a vision of it.
On the other hand, the inner world requires us to stay with what we are in awareness. Fear is our inner reality at a moment. We cannot do anything about it. Normally, we try to escape it by indulgence in some activity.We try not to face the fear and do everything in our means from situations which are causing the same for us.
Moving away from situations or events is merely that; removing a symptomatic manifest. The fear remains where it is , looking for another opportunity to manifest itself through another event.When we have fear inside, events manifest outside which causes the fear to surface.Thus, the thought of fear is the creator of the event and not the other way round.
In the inner world, we have to stay with the fear in an active, dynamic passivity.We do not create fear, so we have no control over it. It has just arisen and we are helpless against it. Staying in the fear with a feeling of helplessness is our reality of the moment.
Any attempt at justifying, defending, blaming is moving to the past; any attempt at projecting a solution or wishing it away is a move forward, in the future.
Solutions occur neither in the past nor the future.
When there is a total experiencing of the here and now, we are totally in the present.And it leads to a dissolution of the pain and its transition to joy and bliss. Anything,(irrespective of content) when experienced totally leads to joy, bliss and love.

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