At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

November 21, 2005

Once, we travelled by horse and cart. Letters took days to arrive. Now we hurtle along... and e-mails cross the globe in an instant. Are our lives any the richer? Do we feel happier, wiser, or more fulfilled? It's not an easy question to answer fairly of course - for we weren't alive in those olden days. But even in the time we can recall, technology has altered radically. And are there fewer depressed or unhappy folk in this world?

- jonathan cainer

recently, a friend of mine and myself had an explosive argument regarding this aspect. we differed in our viewpoints.i do feel man is constantly improvising on things he can live with; the technologies surrounding him and it does add value to his deniance there.but, in terms of things to live for.....we have to pause and do a double take....personally, i do not see any significant developments in this, love not fall into category of metrics and evaluation as we know them to be.....but then they are significant impact parameters...when we look at quality ofd life....

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