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August 18, 2005

The Nature of Pain...

Various events cause us pain or so we think.It could be a heartbreak, it could be a financial crisis, it could be a relationship crisis.

Careful observation shows us a great key in understanding pain.Pain, by itself is the same.It does not depend on its causal factors except in matters of intensity of expression.One cannot in essence differentiate between the pain caused by a heartbreak and the pain caused by a financial crisis.

The pain is intrinsic to us; it manifests through the catalyst of an external event.The event is not the "cause" of the pain; it is a medium of expression of pain which is intrinsic to us.

The pain is a constant within us.When we feel we have got a release from something, it merely means that it has changed its manifestation.Thus, we may be in the throes of a relationship crisis, causing unbearable stress to us.After a while, it metamorphoses into a migraine or a sinusitis inflammation.Thus psychological pain converts to physical pain which is more "manageable".

The sum total of the various aspects of pain remains a constant at all times.

Three kinds of pain essentially manifest in our lives; physical pain, psychological pain and spiritual pain. Generations and lifetimes of "sorrow management" techniques have ensured that most of us are very rarely in touch with our spiritual pain."Boredom", "meaninglessness", "seeking a sense of purpose"; these aspects manifest sometimes.But we generally drown it in our activity centred escapades.

To be in "touch" with our spiritual suffering, in my opinion is amongst the rarest of rarest of spiritual blessings.

Being in touch with pain is the bridge to "liberation" from pain fundamentally, not a transit across its various manifestations.

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