At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

August 21, 2005

attitude "energizes"......

A tiny pebble idly tossed
into the placid stream;
with gentle splash it sinks from sight,
and never again is seen.
But outward from that central splash,
the spreading ripples tend....
who knows on what distant shore,
the spreading impulse ends......
We normally see the impacts of our actions as only that which is visible immediately. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Every thought, every act, every word of ours is released into the vast universe and the impacts can far reaching.The inter-connects are astounding.The abuse of a butterfly in India by clipping its wings can affect the rainfall in Australia!!!!!!

I remember being told of an event at my university. A group of villagers had come to my master to seek help regarding the chronic drought situation in their village and around it. My master gave them a patient hearing and just told them, "Stop beating and ill-treating your womenfolk in your state of drunkenness. Everything would change."

They went back and did it and lo and behold, it started raining in their village.

We are normally dead; unaware and unconscious of our deeds and their impacts.

No action, word or deed of ours ever goes unrewarded. It is infalliable.

We have to be aware of the absence of the "sacredness" in every moment of our lives.
Sacredness is not the ambience in a black-boxed event qualified by the set of events or the place of its happening. It is not something which has to manifest only in moments of worship. No act by itself is sacred or unsacred; spiritual or unspiritual. Spirituality is the attitude we bring in to an activity, not a set of activities by themselves. Spirituality is the absence of conflict.

Any activity howsoever mundane can be lifted to great heights by the state of the performer.

It is attitude which "energizes" action.

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