At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

August 18, 2005

The Art of Suffering.....

An event occurs;it causes us "pain".A routine occurance.

And what is our routine "response"?

Response 1: We go backwards and "focus" on the cause of the pain.It could be a person.We see the person as the "cause" of our situation and rant and rave about them., either directly or indirectly.We dissipate our energies without any discernible outcomes.

Response 2:We travel ahead in our thoughts and focus on a "projected" solution to the event.Again, no movement in our status.

In either of the above, we are absent in the "moment", we are either behind or ahead.

The "reality" of the moment is "pain".Pure and unadulterated by our perceptions.

It is just raw pain.

The "key" is to just see it as it is.No justifications, no accusations, no projections.

Just "be" there."
"Experience" the pain totally.

In one of my greatest breakthroughs through Grace, I discovered that "The intrinsic nature of all "experience" is bliss".It does not depend upon the "content" of the experience.The "process" of "experiencing" in itself is "bliss".

The result is a "dissolution" of the suffering connected to the problem or the "emergence" of a solution.

Inner world aspects demand "active passivity" of approach."Effort" does not work here.

The outer world , however needs "effort" in addition to intent.

Thus, if we have lost a job which is causing us pain, we have to use the technique above for our inner world response to the situtaion.The outer world demands that we keep "trying" for fresh opportunities.

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