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August 24, 2005

borrowed concepts...

Sometimes we read or hear something and are very inspired.We seem tuned in to the thoughts expressed. Or we build up an image of someone or something post an expression by them. Gail Wynand , one of the characters in Ayn Rand's Fountainhead makes a statement to the effect that when he is impressed by a creation, he avoids the creator for the creator is generally a let-down.Very insightful.Our associations of images with expressions are our "own".
Ironically, Ayn Rand , who has inspired millions the world over is reported to me a miserable failure herself. She ended up "killing herself", a generic acknowledgement of "defeat" in life. The same happened with another popular icon, Dale Carnegie.
The same is true when we meet people and form "images".Thus people working with ngos have a certain "mind-construct" within us; or people who have spiritual leanings.Our own perception of these labels and associations with it come into active play. So what we see, read about or hear is not "just"; it involves our perceptions and mental conditionings in interpretations.
To be able to "see" things as they are we have to be aware of our conditioning and "mind positionality" patterns.
Are our sharings and perspectives more often than not our "projections" or "fantasies" or "borrowed thoughts"?

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