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September 16, 2008

facts recognition

The ability to see things as they are beyond limiting aspects of our acquired perceptions is an important part of the liberation process.
If we are able to see everything in life as a concept, an idea , it is easy to lose our limiting positionality on it. Positionality is the source of our major miseries in life.It paralyzes and inhibits us deeply. It makes us conditional in our behaviour to others and bruises relationships.
take the eg of language. Can you first visualize man creating sounds and then developing meaningful associations around it. This gradually led to the creation of various formats , each of which became a "language" of communication.Each is a beautiful creation , but can easily become over-bearing and burdensome, if one fails to see it as a concept.
Actually, "zero" is a concept on which our entire science, technology and what have you is pivoted. The first two postulates in mathematics are never ever challenged which define "zero". It is an assumption taken for granted.
Organic chemistry emerged in Kekule's dream of inter-twined serpents.A huge concept got created around it.
It is so fascinating and awesome if we look at this.
The same holds true for so many of things which control our everyday lives, our traditions, our perceptions etc.Like, we automatically ascribe sacredness and morality to the institution of marriage. How many ghastly abuses find shelter under this label?
Pause to reflect and see how many such concepts have a gripping and suffocating control over you? Inner freedom is the result of the "seeing" process and it leads us away from suffocation and an illusory movement across concepts to realms of genuine freedom.

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