At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

September 21, 2008


our thoughts create our worlds, our universes. Even when we seemingly relate to the other, it is all happening within us. When we relate to another person , we create an image of the other person within ourselves and develop our relationship with that image. When this image gets shattered in real time, the relationship breaks. Actually, the relationship was never there, it was a concept, an idea we had projected and started relating to.
While thought is the creator, it woudl be intersting to see where this thought comes from. We do not create thought. It seems to come from a huge reservoir, a bank from somewhere; seems to have always existed, we merely tune in to it.
Being aware of the arrival of any thought even as it arrives is the key. It gives us a few extra seconds which is all the difference between reacting and responding.It transports us from being a mechanized dead automaton to an aware alive being.
It would mean we are declutched from the control of the unconscious...and as we progress, it would enable us to manifest the life we would like to create for ourselves, not from the recesses of our conditionings.

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