At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

December 01, 2008

thought is the creator

terrorism is riding on the back of misguided religious and spiritual interpretation and wreaking havoc..Please let us also not fall into the trap..
The Gita defines ACTIOn as against mind created conditioned activity..we cannot selectively use it indiscriminately..we need action and not activity and action emerges in visions beyond realms of the mind..instead of us using the mind, the conditioned mind is today using us wherever we may be..
To me, this is the root of all begins in the mind..we should guard ourselves against the vicious trap we can fall into..becoming the very entities we so much resent..the laws of karma stipulate that we become what we hate or what we fear unconsciously.
Yes , we need to ACT, but action is very different from activity in spiritual realms.
Terrorism is a product of deep rooted positionality processes of the mind..if we carefully observe history, the contents of the mind have never changed..the mahabharat, the ramayan,the bible , the Quran and many other have episodes of brothers fighting each other, terrorizing situations for the masses, abuse of humanity and other aspects time and again...The universe is a multi-media classroom and is repeatedly trying to show us our erroneous ways..we always tackle symptoms and never go to the roots..without intending to create fear, I feel people have an opportunity to rise to the challenges within themselves which are manifesting outside.The universe is a tough, yet compassionate teacher and we can expect the lessons to continue until we learn and grow as humans...
needless to add, my shares are not in a argumentative or confontationalist mode but my life experiences in disaster management and human crises at individual and collective levels have thought me unforgettable lessons..
God bless each of you..take care...

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