At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

December 02, 2008

decision making

We normally take decisions when they are forced on us. Our disturbances influence our decisions - they are reactive in nature. It has been traditionally advised to let the disturbamce subside which would enable a solution to emerge in calm and tranquil conditions.
There will always be things which demand immediate attention in life.
However, if we closely observe, our whole life is architectured by the pain within us. The edifice of our achievements is anchored in our traumas. When we become aware of this, the edifices start crumbling , this is a transient phase leading on to a celebration of creation in joy and love. The transient phase could be frightening - as illusionary concepts come crashing down.Long held security paradigms get shaken - this is an opportunity for the shift of security into more certain domains - the core aspects of existence, rather than in shifting ideals and concepts.
The next few years present this opportunity to man as fundamental existential paradigms undergo a sea change in their manifests.the rate of change will be very high and demands the highest integrity from each of us.
While bandaging the symptoms, please go deeper - into roots of issues; it is a back to basics time for all humanity as far as inner world aspects go.

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