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February 27, 2006

my master speaketh....

Human life is characterized not by desires but only one desire - Love.
Strangely, you cannot seek it in books or scriptures but in every experience life throws upon you. In the annals of human history, there has never been a term, which was more wrongly understood as love.To know what love is, let us now first understand what love is not. "Love is not attachment nor is it possession. Love is not the need to be loved, love is not to be in fear , love is not conditional nor is it expectation.
Love is the movement from the 'me' to the 'other'.
What we usually mean by love, is expectation of love which is really nothing but attachment. Irresepective of whether the expectation is fulfilled or not, the very process of expectation itself is painful. Expectation, when fulfilled causes boredom; for the relationship no longer holds a challenge and we move on to find fresh pastures. Unfulfilled expectations causes pain and hurt which in turn manifests as anger, frustration and dislikes culminating in hatred. We thus see that hatred and attachment are two sides of the same coin.
Relationships have become become business deals where we make and break securities. So long as we don't find a great source of dependance, we hold on, only to give up for a better prospect.Thus, relationships have become a juggler's play...we need the other's need for ourself to fulfil our inner emptiness.
Flowering of the heart is not possible either through philosophy or psychology for a practised virtue is worse than a vice. As long as you place it in the realm of effort, there is struggle, conflict, pain; which streghthens the 'I' whereas love essentially is a movement away from yourself.
People are actively ever inventing newer methods, techniques, disciplines and teachings to reach a state of love.Any amount of these is as ironical as a man trying to raise himself out of a well by pulling his own hair.No matter how much, a strand or a bunch, the effort is futile.
Love is benediction. It is a "happening" which is possible only through the intervention of Divine Grace in your life.
- Sri Bhagavan

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