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February 13, 2006

joy and happiness...

Very often our lives are a pursuit of the "perfect" our views acquired from here and there...the quest for perfection leaves us often bruised and traumatised...more often than not we appear to be pursuing a mirage emerging in our own domains of conditionalities and perceptions.
Is not life perfect as it is , in the big picture? is there not a certain wholeness to life with all its creation and destruction, ups and downs and so on?
We don't need to be leading a perfect life in order to be happy. That's just as well, or none of us would ever experience contentment. Nothing in this world is ever completely ideal. Even the situations that seem to be great in every respect have flaws and drawbacks if you look hard enough for them; they are a matter of our perceptions.
Your heart can be joyous, though, regardless of what's right - or wrong.
Perfection is an emergence in realms of the mind; a concept which serves as a projected ideal.It will always be in conflict between what is and what should be.
The heart knows wholeness...a completeness....spirituality, to me , is a movement away from the controls of the mind to an existence guided by the heart; and the mind is used, not the other way round.
The flowering of the heart chakra, the anahata enables us to function from here.The beeja mantra of this chakra is Yummmm..... and its location is the centre of the ribcage. A concentration here with a recitation of the mantra preceded by a prayer for its opening and flowering to our ishta roopa works wonders.

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