At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

September 13, 2009

pain is ONE

Suppose we are in a situation where we are cut off from being able to perceive the external.There is pain within us; can we really fathom what has really caused it?Is there a difference in the pain we feel from financial crisis, a broken relationship, a health issue or any other.If we were to be able to see just the pain, can we really infer the event behind it?The answer is no.We feel events cause us pain while in reality it is the other way around. The pain within us causes the events in our external world.Sri Bhagavan says that the pain in our life is a constant, an aggregate of the physical, psychological and spiritual. When we apparently release ourselves, we merely move from one aspect of pain to the other. Fundamantally, the pain in our system remains constant.If we are grappling with a psychological issue, say , in a relationship; it converts into a headache or any other physical discomfort for we are unable to cope with the psychological pain.A physical pain can often be managed by popping a pill.It does not imply a release from the pain, it merely implies a convenient management.Which is what Bhagavan keeps reminding us - we have graduated in the art of sorrow management. Management is just that - far away from a release.Bhagavan's benediction is for our pain to release, not to be merely managed.We keep swapping events in quest of a release from meaninglessness, boredom, frustration , fear and any other reality within us.By moving across events, we are essentially escaping the reality of our selves, the pain that is intrinsic to the self.We anaesthezise ourselves through indulgence in activities of various kinds and keep changing activities to keep ourselves amused.When we encounter darkness and it stimulates fear to surface, we move away from the darkness. Bhagavan tells us to stay in the darkness while watching the fear.Where and what we watch makes all the difference!!!!!!!!!The fundamental pain remains across activities and events.I have found awakening to this reality of the ONENESS of all pain to be a significant breakthrough. And pain , when experienced totally, leads us to bliss, satchidananda.Therein lies release, not mere management.It is our indulgence in the event, the actors therein or the apparent causes which move us away from our capacity to experience.Being in touch with the pain is the bridge to the discovery of love and joy in our lives.It is independent of events - awareness is freedom.And the Oneness Blessing is like a lighted candle entering a dark light enters, darkness moves away.It need not be removed.

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