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September 13, 2009

meeting conflict...

When we encounter conflict, the tendency is to focus on the content of the conflict and try to arrive at a solution through a choice.In the context of inner world paradigms, whatever solution we arrive at seems incomplete - there is residual discontent, a lack of fulfillment.

Sri Bhagavan extols us to focus on the process of conflict which is intrinsic to operations emerging in the mind.The presence of conflict is an indicator that the mind is in operation.
Watching this awakens the witness consciousness.The first level of watching is inclusive of judgmental perspectives.Watching the judgement and the mind commentary leads us to the second level of watching - a state of awareness.

Awareness, in Bhagavan's words , is freedom.

Action emerges here. Activity is created in noise, in disturbance which is an attribute of conflict, which in turn is an attribute of the mind.An unawakened life is architectured by this noise , this disturbance while an awakened life is architectured by divine intelligence.

In an unawakened state, a sense of urgency forces us towards a decision to escape the total experiencing of the conflict.And such a decision is always a compromise, a management.And it seeks support and justification through a structure created out of untruth and lies.

On the other hand, watching the process of conflict leads to its' dissolution.The resultant absence of noise enables a decision naturally, a river in flow.

Every conflict demands our attention - to the process rather than the content, a pause to watch.And then the miracle unfolds.....

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