At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 07, 2009

power of thought and forgiveness

The Buddha was walking along with his disciples when someone suddenly came and spat at him. The Buddha was calm and unruffled.He just wiped it off and washed it.
His disciples wanted to act on the miscreant but the Buddha stopped them.
He smilingly said, "When someone offers you a gift , you can accept it or reject it. When you reject it, it stays back with the person who made the offer.And it builds up a thousand fold within him."
Nothing can ever happen to the sun. Anybody who spits on it is the loser. The sun , by itself is unaffected.
We sometimes get consumed by fear, anger, lust or any other and controlled by this, we vent out words on another. If the other chooses to accept within and continues sending his blessings, the words boomerang a thousand times and in myriad ways to the person from whom it has emerged.
Ignorance is not considered here.The principle of cause and its' manifold effect works here and in the process , man is hurtling towards self-destruction.

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