At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 09, 2009

oneness of suffering

We tend to think that events cause suffering. In a landmark statement, Sri Bhagavan declares that it is suffering which causes events.
At any given moment in our lives, physical + psychological + spiritual suffering is a constant. In colloquial life, what we call healing is a mere management. We may encounter suffering through the platform of business and manage it desperately.All our lives, we only mange sorrow. We never face sorrow and transcend it.
Managing suffering arising in our business space would lead for the pain to manifest itself in some other area of our life - maybe relationships, maybe our health or the health of our dear ones.
This is a principle of the universe.The pain within has to come out. There is no choice.
And man focusses on changing events.How erroneous can he get?
So man continues fire-fighting , only the events change....and he seeks liberation, little knowing that he has to die the way he is and be reborn in a new light.
He takes solace in the fact that the whole world is like him, but that is an illusion which will soon collapse for one and all.
It is a time of the world for a movement of one and all from perception to fact.Coulkd be a rude awakening for some but then it is compassion at work.
The universe knows best and we have to bow down to it.

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