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August 15, 2009

The Art Of Suffering

Bhagavan has always said that what we call suffering is actually running away from suffering.
Generally , when an event happens , our focus is on the content or the person.We blame someone, we justify the event etc.We go to teh past this way. Alternately, we project a solution - move into the future.
Healing is a happening in the "present".And the reality of the moment is "pain and helplessness". If we are able to stay in that reality, the miracle happens.We experience the pain totally which leads us to the realization that " The nature of all expereince is bliss ; it is independent of content of experience."

A few months back, I was involved in a serious road accident where my three wheeler was hit by a speeding car at the base of a fly-over.I was dragged nearly 200 metres with the three wheeler on top of me.With Bhagavan's Grace, I was filled with the presence and I was just watching the momentary fear which consumed me.

I can vouch for the bliss I felt.I did not escape by blaming the driver of the hit-and-run vehicle nor did I feel any haterd for him.I did not move into the future by projecting what was going to happen to me.Needless to add, it was Grace which made me live in the present and experience the moment totally.

Externally too, such a major accident left me a few surface bruises and no damage to my belongings which included my laptop.This accident occured on an expressway which meant that any speeding vehicle from behind could also have knocked me out.

Infact , we had a bhajan recording project the next day with Rohit Dasaji which went as per schedule.

Glory be to the presence of Sri Amma Bhagavan and the Oneness Blessing in our lives.

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TheGratitudeGuy said...

could it be suffering or something greater?