At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

November 29, 2008

are we alive?

The recent events in mumbai are media events. And "media" and "performance" are so deeply linked.
Where is all our naturalness gone? Our "unconscious" controls us making us reactive and mechanized beings. We are zombies, robots in action, with our behaviours following predictable patterns. We are in essence no different from the militants. The violence and the hurts within us , if we can only be aware of it, is the venom that is manifesting in the world outside. Different people relate to different concepts and acquire their positionalities. And each believes they are right. For God's sake, let us separate facts from concepts.
It is an unfair and unequal world. Privileges are so varied. Consequently, events such as what has happened have to occur according to various laws of karma and principles of existence.Each one of us is a part creator to it through our lack of integrity and our basic sense of disconnect with our identities just as humans.We are constant "performers" , projecting ourselves far removed from what we actually are and our masks are the burdens we carry day in and day out.
If humans can just "BE" , our outer worlds can be the paradise we wish for deep down.
Yes, it is time for us to awaken within, reach out to the natural fountainheads of healing within and start to live, not merely exist.
The choice to create our universes is with each of us, not in symptomatic external changes.
The crisis of today is an opportunity for us to revisit ourselves and trigger the life force within.
Come let us move from conditioned , suffocative death to a vibrant life....

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