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January 10, 2007

Need of the Hour..

Lots of recent happenings are very disconcerting.The Noida episode gets prime billing in this regard.Whoever has done it, it speaks of the depravation of the human mind. It is a sickness that is all pervasive with varied manifests. And it is not about sexual depravation alone. It is about abuse, mental and otherwise.Blatant and subtle, both exist.It is a mind with a demonic thirst.Sometimes, when we observe people, the latent anger is very discernible.And ironically, more often than not, the same people may talk about world peace etc.Healing is required at the micro level for it to manifest at the macro level.
Punishment is a mere deterrent , liberation from the content of the mind is not an exotic is a need of the hour.

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Phoenix said...

the sheer perverse horror of the episode makes it difficult to view it objectively...right under the nose of the civilized world.