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October 02, 2006

relating..conceptual or otherwise...

This post is triggered by various contemporary shares/discussions in blogspace.

Let us see what happens when 2 people connect.Each comes in with his/her own idealogy/value positionality and operates from there.Values are acquired concepts and do not come with any absoluteness.It is perfectly ok to find comfort in a set of values, but it is important to remember it's contextuality to our conditionings.

Sometimes, a cyclonic attraction overpowers 2 individuals and they share a lustful moment.Nothing wrong in that either as long as one is able to see it as it is.It is an addressal of a personal need and a happening in a moment where 2 individual needs synchronize in a shared space.

Where is love in all this context?

To me , it is a state beyond the realm of any conceptual positionalities as well as the realm of personal need.It is just a state of being that floods all in it's wake. Thus, it is not person or activity specific.It can express itself in myriad ways including the domain of physical and emotional intimacy.

While not degrading lustful desire or positionalities, love is total in it's acceptance of the other,not conditionally dependant on the presence or absence of certain activities, and a relating paradigm from our cores, the domain of the unchangeable as different from the domain of conditioned spaces.One can still relate in a need-based context but with an awareness and acceptance of our need as the driving force, rather than any masked image that comes forth.

when we operate out of this fountainhead, love is a happening, not a planned or a thought-activated enterprise.

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