At the end of winning a rat race, we are still a rat.

June 09, 2006


In the words of Sri Bhagavan, life is relationships and healing our lives of various afflictions is centred on healing the various relationships in our lives with people and things.
Acceptance of the other just as he or she is, is teh key to the setting right of relationships. We constantly seek to change the other , bring others to agree with our povs. This creates misery, stress and conditionality situations in our lives , a situation far removed from joy and love which can otherwise characterise every aspect of our lives. We judge others through coloured glasses we wear and condemn ourselves and the other in the context of positionalities we have consciously or unconsciously adopted.Positionality is an intrinsic attribute of the self in the context of conditionings it has accumalated.Positionality acquires the hue of an ego-centric location in relationships spaces and brusies and harms relationships.
it is ok to have differing viewpoints on various aspects of life, but positionality makes us violent, unaccepting and unforgiving. Needless to add, it is the perfect formula for stressed relationships.
The 9th of June is celebrated as Relationships Day at The Oneness University, a day to become aware of ourselves in the context of our various relationships; with our parents, our spouses, our children, our God and so on. It would also help to become aware of our relationships with aspects such as wealth and abundance, health and body etc.
The outer world is a reflection of the inner and roadblocks we face in life have their roots in our inner worlds. A healing addressal there can manifest miracles in our outer spaces.

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